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Modern beds models suitable with large and small spaces

Comfort and aesthetic are two features that everyone looks for in a bed. Modern beds are designed in order to ensure both these characteristics pluses.

The use of technologically advanced materials, the great variety of styles and the wide range of accessories, allow anyone to find a solution that suits perfectly with their needs so, how to choose the right one model?

Here is a guide about modern beds’ models and styles, suitable with large sleeping areas and small bedrooms. Let’s find out more about their features and pluses!

Modern beds with upholstered headboard for large sleeping areas

Large houses, such as contemporary flats and open spaces, have a great advantage because they allow you to organize the interiors as you wish but, on the other hand, it could be hard to manage a so large space and to make your house a cozy place. Everything seems to be smaller if it is set in a wide room, with high ceilings and no walls. It could result a too rigorous and dispersive space.

A good solution if you don’t want your house to seem too empty, is to choose imposing furnishings such as, for example, modern beds with upholstered headboard. You can put it in the middle of the sleeping area and use this piece of furniture as a wall itself, because it allow you to divide each space of the sleeping area from the others.

Also, consider that the standard dimension of a bed are 160cm width and 190cm length. However, you can opt for a larger solution. The over size beds with an imposing headboard suite perfectly with night zones equipped with walk-in closets, toilette and reading corner, for example.

What about the upholstered headboard? You can choose between several options such as the one with removable final cover in fabric. It is easy to wash, high temperature resistant and allow you to modernize your room just changing the material or the color of the cover. Leather is another choice if you prefer classical inspiration style.

Modern beds with light structures for small bedrooms

Small bedrooms require a more careful space management than the bigger ones. It is often difficult to place in a limited space all the typical pieces of furniture of a bedroom, so sometimes the wardrobe is not set in the same room of the bed, for example. This is the case of bedrooms equipped with a walk-in closet. In other cases, the room has a bridge wardrobe that overlooks the bed, and this is a good solution if you need to optimize the space as well as a very widespread modern solution: the bed with container or with drawers at the base, where you can store everything you want!

However, the most suitable modern beds for small bedrooms are those with a light structure. An imposing upholstered headboard is not recommended in these cases. You should prefer a wooden or metal headboard, with customizable finishes.

Also, the base and the legs must be thin even if these details could help you to customize your bed as you wish. You can choose between several options about materials, colors and finitures.

Thin shapes and discrete structure will make your bedroom look modern and bigger than it really is.

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