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4 Things to Consider When Buying Art

The decision to buy an art piece is one rare choice for most people. Unless you are an art lover, connecting with pieces of art may seem a little farfetched.

However, when you get to spend some time in an exhibition or an online art platform, your opinions are subject to change.

Whether it is paintings, art prints or mere sketches, when done by experts, art will connect with your feelings and emotions, bringing out a new side of you.

Therefore, for a new art enthusiast, you will need to find the perfect art piece to fit in your collection.

In this article, I will share with you four things you need to consider when getting your first art piece.

1. Your Taste

Regardless of the place you want to put the art piece, it should be something you can relate to or connect with. Whether at home or at work, just looking at your chosen piece should give you some therapeutic feeling.

Different art portrays different things depending on the intentions of the artist. Some pieces reflect conflict and chaos, others happiness, others portray a calm feeling.

You should, therefore, get a piece that connects with you or your target audience if in business. Visual art may be important for you if you need the pieces for school children.

Paintings are ideal for your house. However, the painting should have a peaceful and calm meaning in between the color blends.

Opting for various design posters and art prints may also be effective for your business, depending on the message you want to send your clients.

2. Artist’s Background

When buying art, the value and inspiration of the artist are as important as his finished product. It is therefore important that you get to know the artists from whom you by your art.

The inspiration behind the art will help you understand the piece better. For loulou avenue, a visual artist, her inspiration is the human expression, music, street style, and vintage portrait photography. By understanding this, you’ll get to know how and why she designs her posters the way she does.

If you don’t know the artist, research on his/her background. Find out why they do what they do, see some of their previous works and their reputation in the market.

Understand how they were trained, self-trained or art school, and gauge their commitment and determination in the practice.

Motivated and dedicated artists, will invest their time and energy in coming up with their pieces and hence their work will have more meaning.

3. Budget and Hidden Costs

Art is one tool that speaks to your emotions. Therefore, when in an exhibition or art gallery platform, you may be attracted to more art pieces than you can afford.

It is thus prudent that you carry with you enough money according to your budget and stick to it. At times, you may buy some pieces on impulse and end up regretting your choice.

If it’s your first time, avoid falling for every piece. Assess each piece that connects with you then pick one that you love most.

Also, consider the hidden costs involved when buying art. The shipping, installation, Insurance and taxes. Can you afford it?

When budgeting, ensure that you’ve covered all these costs. Also, set aside some cash for the unforeseen costs.

4. Quality and originality

Originality and quality in the art are the most treasured aspects of the pieces. Many artists draw their art from the work of others and hence, don’t have an impact in the industry.

Original artwork is a beauty to behold, it brings a new perspective to how you see things, invoke new feelings and are unique.

When choosing the art, look for artists who are original and have a unique theme for their style.


When buying art, don’t just look for something that looks good for the moment. Yes, aesthetics is good. However, ensure that it’s not just good to look at but connects with your inner self.

Also, stay within your budget, seek originality and know your artist. With these factors checked, go get yourself that art you desire!

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