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How to repressurise your boiler

hen you wake up in the morning to a cold house and realise your boiler hasn’t fired up, you might be tempted to call for help. With modern combi boilers, however, it’s very often just a matter of repressurising the system.

If you’ve watched the BBC sitcom Ghosts, you’ll know how handy it is to have someone who understands your boiler – even if they are dead. But while repressurising your system may sound daunting, it is a simple task that most householders can do themselves.
Getting started
Most boilers will shut down automatically if the pressure drops too low. There’s usually a gauge on the front of the boiler that shows the current pressure. These generally have a green sector that shows what the normal pressure should be. Note that when the boiler is running, the pressure is higher than when it’s idle.
If your pressure is too low, you need to switch off the boiler and allow it to cool down. It may already be cool if it’s switched itself off. You now need to locate the filling loop; your boiler’s handbook will help here. Some boilers have a fixed filling loop that you can open simply by turning a pair of valves. On others, the filling loop is a separate rubber hose that you connect between two valves.

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With a filling loop in place, open both valves. They may have handles, or you might need a screwdriver. You will hear a hissing as water flows into the system; keep an eye on the gauge and turn off the valves when the needle is at one bar or in the green sector.
If the needle does not settle after filling, there may be a leak. You need to call a specialist in
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High pressure
The most common problem is for the pressure in your boiler to be too low. This occurs because most systems suffer from minor drips and losses, which means that pressure drops over time. In some cases, you may find that your boiler’s pressure is too high.
If this occurs, first check that your filling loop valves are properly closed. You should then go round the house and bleed all of the radiators, which should help reduce the pressure.

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