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Super storage hacks for your garage

Clutter can easily get out of hand in your garage – some people can’t even store their car in there due to accumulated items. Here we give some tips on how to free up space and keep your garage shipshape.


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Sort your possessions

Divide all items into keep, sell or donate, and chuck. Throw out old toys, broken items and things you haven’t touched for two or more years.

Place your items in cardboard boxes or transparent plastic bins that can be stacked. Clear jars are useful for small objects.

Storage options

Shelves are cheap and you can easily see what is stored.

Cabinets with doors can quickly become messy, so use them sparingly.

If you buy shelving units, make sure they are on raised legs so that the floor can be easily cleaned.


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Industrial shelving Ireland-based firms include https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving.

You may need a child-free lockable cabinet for keeping chemicals.

Create a floor plan

Note down the dimensions of your garage, including doors, windows and switches, plus the space taken up by your car.

Store items used together next to one another. Bulky equipment such as lawn mowers should go in corners where your car can’t knock them over. Frequently-used items such as bikes go near the garage door, while seasonal or infrequently-used items can be put furthest away.


Simple to install, pegboard can be fitted to size and painted for a customised look. Compatible products include hooks, organisers and shelves; however, this option is not strong enough to hang weighty objects.


The whole wall supports slotted plastic panels that hold shelves, lock-in hooks and cabinets. You may need professional installation.

Overhead space

Consider storing ladders and seasonal equipment on the garage ceiling.

If you like DIY, you could consider a wall-mounted, fold-down workbench


Always use a deadbolt and lock garage windows. Be safe. Think about installing a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide detector

Epoxy flooring

An epoxy floor is anti-skid, resists stains and is easily cleaned; in addition, the pattern disguises any imperfections.

Seal the doorway

Attach a rubberised strip where the garage door lands to seal out rain, leaves, mice and bugs.

Upgrade your lighting

For ambient light, choose fluorescent fixtures that are efficient in cold temperatures.

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