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Home renovation packages

The National Council of the Association of Architects offers with the contract “home renovation packages ” a series of tools to assist individuals who wish to use the services of an architect to carry out ecological renovation work that does not require a permit to be issued to build. The purpose of the “Renovation Package” contract is to facilitate the use of an architect, the only professional capable of registering an energy renovation project in a more global perspective of improving the quality of use and the heritage value of the property.

We appreciated the intervention of our architect from the beginning to the end of our project. Listening to our desires, he was able to answer all our questions, solve the difficulties encountered and offer us an enlargement with renovation perfectly integrating the contemporary aspect on an existing old structure. The follow-up of the steps and the building site was excellent, and the collaboration with the craftsmen very effective. In summary, we can only congratulate the architect for the careful and rigorous work he has done.

The principle is as follows:

The architect, after having been contacted by the individual, signs a simplified contract for the realization of an architectural and ecological evaluation of the property.

This mission is carried out from the proposed sheet which, once completed, highlights the energy, architectural and usage improvements that the architect could bring if the project was entrusted to him.

If the individual decides to follow up on the architect’s proposals, he signs the contract “Home renovation packages“. By this contract, the architect agrees on a lump sum fee fixed according to the amount envelope of work envisaged by the owner.

This contract is not suitable for renovation projects that require a heavier intervention (underpinning, rebuilding the framework, etc.) involving the realization of a prior diagnosis. In this case, it is the architect contract for works on existing which is adapted.

These four tools are:

  • a simplified contract for the realization of an architectural and ecological evaluation mission of the property
  • an evaluation sheet of architectural and ecological potentialities
  • a self-assessment sheet of the completed property by the individual. This sheet is intended to help the architect better understand how the individual perceives his property
  • a fixed price contract for a general renovation and ecological renovation project management mission

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