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How to prepare your windows for winter

Winter is a time when we want our homes to retain as much heat as possible. Since a lot of heat escapes through windows, it makes sense to ensure all windows are prepared and in tip-top shape for the colder months ahead. Here are some essential tips to follow.


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Inspect your windows

Take a good look at the state of your windows. If you notice any cracks, holes or other areas that need remedying, call the experts before the chill factor sets in.

Keep windows shut

Check that there aren’t any small gaps in your windows where air could be escaping, and if you have trickle vents, ensure these are properly closed. If some window latches don’t fully close or are stiff, these could be letting air escape, so get them fixed immediately.

Get double glazing

There’s no excuse not to have double (or even triple) glazing these days, as they’re so much more effective at retaining heat than single types. Consult a double glazing in Gloucester business, such as https://www.firmfix.co.uk/ double glaziers in Gloucester, to find out what options are available for your home.


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Just because you’ve got double glazing already, doesn’t mean to say you can rest on your laurels. Check that windows are in good condition and that there is no condensation present in the vacuum between each pane of glass. If this is the case, these will need repairing before winter.

Choose a high glass rating

Glass is rated according to how effective it is at retaining heat, with scores ranging from A to G. The closer to A the score, the better the heat retention of the glass, so bear this in mind when selecting new panes of glass.

Use low-emissivity film

Some new types of windows have a thin layer of film on the inside that reflects heat back into a room, thus keeping the space warmer. According to the Energy Saving Trust low-emissivity window film products are available from specialist window film installation companies, if you don’t have this already built into your panes.

Clean your windows

Clean the inside and outside of your window panes. Not only will they look better, but it will be easier for them to absorb much-needed light during winter into your room. This can make a big difference to when the sun shines.

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