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The 3 Most Important Rooms in Your House to Look After

Take care of your living room, as it is one of the most used spaces in the house. This room is a vital part of your environment within the home and can influence your wellbeing. Apart from being one of the most used spaces in the house, the living room is the first place that someone sees when they enter the house, and first impressions are essential. If this place is disorganised, the guest is probably going to perceive the same about the rest of the house. A well taken care of the living room should be organised, regularly cleaned, and well air-conditioned.


A well looked after of kitchen has economic, social and health benefits. Make your kitchen a safe place by consistently cleaning the space and checking your appliances. If something in your kitchen needs a repair, do it on time. Click here for the best kitchen door replacement, which can change the whole look of your kitchen. Clean the room regularly, disinfect, arrange, and refurbish your kitchen if necessary.

Kitchen refurb ideas

  • Paint the walls and cabinet doors
  • Have a kitchen door replacement – it can really spruce up the space. Click here to see options.
  • Move items to utilise space inside the kitchen

Living Room Cleaning Tips

Cleanliness is everything in taking care of the living room. The key to maintaining a clean living room space is consistency, and therefore, you may need to have a routine that fits your schedule. The following tips are helpful in taking care of your living room:

  • Daily: In a typical day, you may be busy and lack time to follow up on the routine, but this should not mean that you don’t have a clean room. So, collect small items like mail, toys and arrange them at the middle of the room. `
  • Weekly: Choose a day in a week to dust the room and the furniture
  • Monthly: Spare time to move the furniture and wash the windows to have a clean space that minimises dust, pollutants and insects in the living room every month.
  • Yearly: At the end of the year, such as Christmas time, take time to de-clutter and evaluate the space.


A bathroom is a place in your house that needs extra care. Its humid conditions can lead to the build-up of bacteria and pave the way for the development of mould. If you take care of the bathroom through proper cleaning, the spread of germs can be prevented. Additionally, guests can be dissuaded from ever coming into your house again if they find a dirty bathroom. Take care of the bathroom, because it is one of those rooms in the house that are used regularly by the whole house and guests.

How to look after the bathroom

  • Cleanliness is paramount
  • Disinfect the room to get rid of the bacteria and reduce the smell
  • Organise and arrange toiletries properly to avoid spilling and also, make them accessible

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