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21 Home decorating DIY Projects

Transcript 0:04 If you’re looking for some creative ways 0:06 to dress up your home a bit, 0:07 here are 21 of them that you will really enjoy! 0:11 We realize that not everyone has the funds 0:13 to buy all new furniture each time you’d like 0:15 like to …

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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodel: Series Overview

Transcript 0:00 Ready for a new bathroom, but a little tight on cash? 0:03 Well that was the case for us, too. 0:05 Yeah, our bathroom had this vintage, retro look that might be cool for some, but it just 0:10 wasn’t us. 0:11 So we decided a complete remodel …

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25 Tiny Bedroom Decor ideas

Transcript 0:07 Congratulations on your first apartment! 0:10 Time to suck it up like the rest of us. 0:12 This is 23 Hacks for Your Tiny Bedroom 0:15 by Natalie Brown. 0:16 1. Hang your lamp. 0:19 That way you can either skip the bedside table 0:22 or keep your …

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