Plants look great in almost any setting. You might be hesitant to stock up on them if you have a black thumb. After all, what’s the purpose of spending money on a lovely plant if it’ll only live for a few months in your care? Fortunately, the black-thumbed among us have a backup plan: we can stock up on fake plants. It’s worth remembering that fake plants have a terrible reputation.

However, false foliage has come a long way from the conspicuous fake flowers prevalent in our teens. Nowadays, you may get fake plants that look lush and lifelike. And, with so many options, you can quickly stock up on classic ferns, newly popular fiddle leaf fig trees, and anything in between. Of course, knowing where to look is essential. So, to get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the best stores to visit the next time you’re looking for some genuinely stunning fake plants.

How to Decorate with Fake Plants and Flowers?

“I combine real elements in the design to make fake plants and flowers look authentic,” Franqui explains. For a more natural look, fill a transparent vase with fake flowers and actual water, or use natural soil or moss in a planter with an artificial tree or plant.

For the best results, Franqui also likes to combine natural and fake plants. Instead of utilizing artificial choices throughout, add a few actual twigs or petals to a faux floral arrangement and use fake plants to enhance indoor or outdoor foliage.

Top 13 Online Best Places to Buy Fake Plants of 2024

In this article u can find out the Top 13 Online Best Places to Buy Fake Plants of 2024 list are below;-


If you’re looking for something, chances are you’ll find it at IKEA—and fake plants are no exception. While the Scandinavian home store doesn’t have a lot of fake plants, it does have over 100 of them. And, given that the majority of those plants are accessible at IKEA’s inexpensive costs, the store is well worth a visit on your next fake plant shopping excursion.

2. Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural is a company that specializes in artificial flowers, plants, and trees. In addition, the store has a vast assortment of fake flora. (We’re talking 1,000 fake plants here.) That much diversity may appear to be scary. But it does mean that you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for—even if it’s something extremely unusual. Hanging plants, potted trees, and everything in between may be found in the store’s selection. And, because the company has so many plants, you can quickly stock up on fake plants that fit your budget.

3. The Sill

The Sill is the place to go if you want to invest in a few statement-making gems. The business only has a tiny assortment of fake plants, yet every one of them is eye-catching. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a unique fake plant that hasn’t been seen before. A sprawling calathea orbifolia, a rich rex begonia, or a magnificent calathea medallion are all available. Alternatively, create your floral arrangement using some of the Sill’s stunning stems and bouquets as a centerpiece.

4. World Market

The plant shop at World Market is brimming with both real and fake plants. You may even personalize your fake plants by choosing from various stylish containers available at the store. The store’s fake plant variety is extensive, but sweeping imitation trees are among the most attractive. You can buy yucca trees, rubber trees, palm trees, and other plants. Because many of these plants come in various sizes, you can choose the one that will take up exactly the amount of room you need. You won’t have to worry about it outgrowing the space because it’s false.

5. Afloral

Afloral is an excellent location to go if you seek plants that don’t require a green thumb. Hundreds of various silk flowers and fake plants are available, as well as dried flowers and grasses—natural plants that have been dried and kept so that they don’t need to be cared for. This latter point is particularly appealing because it allows you to store up on natural plants that you won’t have to water.

6. Wayfair

Wayfair sells a wide range of home decor items, so it’s no surprise that the store’s fake plant collection is extensive. The shop has a large selection of fake plants, trees, and flowers. Like all of Wayfair’s items, the plants vary in price, with the majority of them erring on the cheap side. So buy up on fake plants, indulge in a false flower arrangement, or stock up on fake flowers and make your centerpiece.

7. Amazon

If you want to buy many fake plants at once, Amazon is the place to go. Unsurprisingly, the store’s fake plant collection is extensive. It also sells budget-friendly imitation flower bundles, making it simple to gather enough flower bouquets to fill a long rectangular planter. Of course, bulk purchases aren’t the only option. Artificial succulents, monstera stems, hanging plants, and more classic alternatives are also available.

8. Urban Outfitters

The plant collection at Urban Outfitters is quite varied. However, because the store doesn’t distinguish between live and artificial plants, you’ll have to be careful to make sure you’re getting the appropriate one. Classics like imitation snake plants, faux monstera plants, faux rubber plants, and more are available as fake plants. You’ll also find more interesting, out-of-the-box solutions for decorating your home with plants, such as sets of colorful vines and garlands made from fake hydrangeas.

9. Terrain

Terrain is an Anthropologie spin-off that focuses on vegetation, gardening, and the great outdoors in general. Although most people go there for fresh plants and flowers, it also has a fantastic assortment of artificial greenery. You’ll discover a lot of stems and branches at the store that you may use to make your centerpieces and leafy decor. Full-blown fake plants, such as jade plants, split-leaf philodendrons, and fiddle leaf fig trees, are also available as standalone decorative pieces.

10. CB2

CB2 is known for its sleek, modern products, and its faux plant assortment is just as eye-catching as you’d expect. Succulents and snake plants are among the usual items in the store. CB2’s more out-of-the-box alternatives, on the other hand, are what set the store unique. There are super-tall umbrella trees, gigantic currency trees, and massive cacti that can be found there (all fake, of course). Try a faux burro’s tailor a faux Swiss cheese plant if you want to make a lesser impression. Both come in elegant, adaptable pots that would look fantastic in any setting.

11. West Elm

West Elm, like Pottery Barn, sells expensive yet high-quality artificial plants and flowers. Their floral decor line allows you to add a touch of nature to your environment without having to worry about soil or fertilizer. Many plants come with nicely designed pots and planters that give these attractive plants an affluent vibe.

12. Home Depot

A visit to the Garden Center at Home Depot reveals one of the best live plant selections around. Also available are hundreds of fake plants to turn your home—or backyard—into a tropical paradise. Decorative trees include spiral cypresses and sculptured boxwoods. Get some accent plants like ferns and palms. As structural features, bamboo screens, foliage panels, and privacy rolls are available. If you need a plant, Home Depot probably offers a fake one that will work. Thanks to the company’s low prices, you can stock up on fake greenery without breaking the bank.

13. Pottery Barn

Home and furniture store Another great location to buy imitation flora is Pottery Barn. However, these handcrafted beauties are among the most realistic imposters available, and many feature planters or vases fit for a special event, like a wedding. Be prepared to spend money, especially if you choose larger plants and trees. Artificial cacti, foxglove, and even potted citrus trees are available at Pottery Barn.

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