A best pocket watch simply cannot be denied for its attractive, classic look. Pocket watches were the first timepieces that people wore. In Europe, this style originated in the 16th century. Wristwatches became more popular after World War I. Most pocket timepieces have a chain attached to them to tie them to whatever garment the owner is wearing. Pocket watches were frequently attached to a man’s waistcoat, and the chain was used to hang additional items like cigar cutters and watch winding keys.

In recent years, pocket watches have recovered some of their popularity, particularly among individuals who enjoy the nostalgic aesthetic of old-school design. Whether you’re looking for a sophisticated dress watch to complement your formal wardrobe or a touch of steampunk, we believe this selection has something to suit your own taste.

16 Best Pocket Watch for 2023

Here is an updated list of some of the 16 Best Pocket Watch for 2023 we recommend, all of which are now available for purchase online.

1. Charles-Hubert Paris Classic Mechanical

Charles-Hubert is regarded as a pioneer in the best pocket watch market because it works with vintage timepieces that are ancient or even uncommon in some situations. The Charles-Hubert classic line includes this silver-toned pocket watch. It has an antiqued finish and a potentially open face. A 17-jewel shock-protected mechanical hand wind movement is housed within the casing. There is a mineral crystal front at the back. The roman numerals offer a sense of refinement to the watch. The clock has a silver-tone watch chain and comes in a lovely gift box. The best part is that all Charles-Hubert watches come with a lifetime warranty, and this timepiece adheres to the same guidelines and specifications.

2. Invicta Automatic Black Dial Vintage


The Invicta Automatic Vintage Pocket Watch is elegant and adds a modern twist to the classic watch style. The black 50mm stainless steel case and band offer a modern touch to the traditional design. The black dial complements the silver-tone analogue hands and Arabic numeral hour markers, completing the overall polished modern gentleman appearance. The case has a scratch-resistant mineral crystal and an automated movement inside. As simple as you can get with a best pocket watch construction. Nonetheless, the stylish and modern black and silver aesthetic adds a new degree of fascination to this Invicta Vintage Pocket Watch.

3. Speidel Classic Brushed Satin Engravable

If you’re seeking for a more modern pocket watch, this Speidel pocket watch might be just what you’re looking for. The silver-tone 47mm stainless steel case has the traditional front cover design. However, the inside of the cover includes a guilloche pattern, which gives it a more sophisticated appearance. Furthermore, the case can be engraved with any word or name of your choice. There are two dial colours to pick from: black or blue. The polished hour markers combine silver-tone ultra-slim indices and Arabic numeral formats, and two subdials show the day and date. The heart of the Speidel Classic is a Japanese quartz movement that should deliver great precision and dependability.

4. Gotham Ultra-Thin Railroad Open Face Quartz

The Gotham Railroad Pocket Watch has a very conventional design. A white dial complements the silver-tone brass casing, which is 42mm in diameter. There is also a 15-inch stainless steel chain that complements the entire design. The dial has Arabic numeral hour markers and a red-tone 24-hour format on the inner rims. The Breguet-style hands are the cherry on top of the Gotham Pocket Watch’s elegant appearance. A very accurate Japanese quartz movement is housed within, ensuring that this best pocket watch is always on time. The Gotham Pocket Watch, with its wonderful timeless design, would make a lovely small present.

5. Tissot Lepine Swiss Quartz Unisex

Tissot’s unisex pocket watch stands out for its distinct black design. Because it is a Tissot watch, it already has an advantage over other timepieces. The black leather band gives a toughness to the overall look of the watch, but for the price, some users would prefer a metal chain, which could simply be replaced. These watches are also water-resistant to a depth of 100 feet.

6. Bulova Pocket Watch

Bulova is an American watch company recognized for its inventiveness and outstanding craftsmanship, and their take on the classic pocket watch lives up to their reputation. They’ve incorporated their own distinctive “hunter” style that isn’t available on other pocket watches. The stainless steel case of the Bulova 96B270 pocket watch is from the classic line. It boasts a three-hand movement and even a calendar, which distinguishes it from other pocket watches in the category. It is also water-resistant up to thirty metres, as are several other watches. It is the best pocket watch.

7. Vintage Pick – Hamilton 992b Pocket Watch

The Hamilton 992b is a true classic pocket watch, which is not surprising given that Hamilton was the first to sell pocket watches in America. Back in the day, the brand was also associated with the railroad business, which pretty well assures the quality of this best pocket watch. The movement is a mechanical hand-winding with 21 jewels, which is appropriate for a vintage pocket watch. The dial is simple in design, as this was designed for precision and utility. The connection of Hamilton, and specifically the Hamilton 922b, to the early days of the railroad sector lends this depth of history. That alone qualifies the 992b as a valuable collector’s item. More information on the rich history of the Hamilton watch brand may be found right here.

8. Charles-Hubert, Paris Gold-Plated Mechanical

The Charles-Hubert Mechanical Pocket Watch looks the part of a classic timepiece, with its 14k gold-plated brass case and chain. It will also fit snugly in your pocket, thanks to its 47mm size. The case front cover can also be engraved and, like the Speidel, has an inner guilloche design. The dial incorporated the case’s exquisite design into the dial as well. The outer dial has Roman numeral hour markers, whereas the inner dial has a skeletal style. This design choice is accentuated by the use of a 17-jewel mechanical movement, which can be seen in all its intricate brilliance.

9. Charles-Hubert, Paris Double Hunter Case Mechanical

Charles-Hubert is a brand noted for its retro appearance and is known in the watch business as the “King of Pocket Watches,” a claim that many ardent watch aficionados strongly disagree with. Nobody can deny the absolute refinement and elegance that Charles-Hubery timepieces provide, and this Paris 3866-S Double Hunter Case Mechanical Pocket Watch lives up to those expectations. This Charles-Hubert watch is made of chrome-finished brass and comes with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality timepieces. It has a skeleton-style exhibition casing that displays all of the watch’s movements. This best pocket watch has a mechanical movement with seventeen diamonds and comes in a beautiful presentation box.

10. Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical

Tissot has long been a trustworthy name in the watch industry, and their pocket watches are no exception. The Tissot Bridgeport Lepine Mechanical pocket watch is a sight to behold, and watch enthusiasts seek it out only for its aesthetically stunning appearance. The fascination of owning a mechanical watch never dies, and this watch maintains it alive by using a winding mechanism to wind the watch. The classy silver tone and spherical form add to its allure. It is the best pocket watch.

11. Frederique Constant Tradition

The Frederique Constant Tradition pocket watch is a fantastic clock, and even though it is not widely available, its qualities assure that it will be sold even a century from now since the quality is that outstanding. The case is constructed entirely of silver, and the movements are mechanical. It has an FC 700 MW movement, which elevates this timepiece to the highest level. At this price point, you can’t go wrong with a Frederique Constant watch.

12. Tissot Unisex Savonnette

If one watch could embody real Swiss craftsmanship, it would most likely be the Tissot Unisex Savonnette. It appears to be simply another best pocket watch, yet it is made entirely of solid stainless steel, from the case to the chain, with the option of a brass chain. The watch face features roman numerals, which offer a sense of refinement and elegance. It is a dress watch style ideal for formal situations, and the watch is water-resistant to 30 metres.

13. Stuhrling Orignal Automatic Skeleton

The majority of pocket timepieces on this list and in the market are manual mechanical watches that must be wound up every day before usage. This Stuhrling Men’s Pocket watch, on the other hand, is unique in that it is an automated watch that spins on a rotor. The Modena 991 is the name given to the Stuhrling pocket watch automatic watch skeleton. It has an engraved, see-through skeletonized dial that allows the user to view through the watch framework, including the internal mechanisms.

This sort of automatic pocket watch does not require batteries and may run for up to 36 hours without being wound up. The dual time feature is another novel feature of this watch. It allows you to keep track of time in the AM and PM. It also contains a sun/moon dial that maintains track of day and night, as well as separate time zones.

A desk stand allows it to stand upright above a desk, so you don’t have to keep it in your pocket or on the chain all the time. All Stuhrling watches come with a two-year warranty, which is an international warranty that can be claimed anywhere in the world, and it also applies to this item.

14. Stuhrling Vintage Pocket Watch

There are two extreme factions among watch enthusiasts. One school of thought believes that automated timepieces are signs of technological progress. The other party is staunchly traditional, believing that mechanical timepieces are the way to go. While each has its merits, it can’t be argued that mechanical watches exude a certain level of sophistication, which is exactly what you get with Stuhrling’s rare reserve vintage pocket watch. The Stuhrling boasts a gorgeous exhibition casing that gives the user a complete view of the watch’s workings. It must be hand-wound as a mechanical watch and has a power reserve of up to thirty hours.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect about this best pocket watch is how openly retro and vintage it is. Instead of avoiding the vintage label, it embraces it, and does it with style. This appeals to the tastes of watch aficionados all around the world, which is why the Stuhrling pocket watch is popular among watch enthusiasts and highly regarded by professionals. This wristwatch also comes with a desk stand, allowing it to function as a lovely desk watch.

15. Patek Philippe Pocket Watch

Though wristwatches have dominated the watch market, pocket watches continue to appeal to a narrow market of people who are either die-hard watch lovers or believe that bring an air of elegance and grace to their outfit. Patek Philippe believes in this as well, which is why they have spent decades showcasing their manufacturing skills with Pocket Watches. The Patek Philippe pocket watch sports a gold case as well as a yellow-gold chain. The watch face has a second dial as well as an aesthetically beautiful design.

16. Longines Equestrian 18K Gold

Longines’ connection to equestrian activities and watches dates back to the 18th century, so it’s only natural that their best pocket watch is engraved with an equestrian trio of horses. The rose gold pocket watch has an eighteen-carat gold case and manual winding. In addition, at the 6 o’clock position, there is a little second dial.

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