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What are the white stringy things in salmon?

‘ll eat salmon in any form, but I’ll admit it: all of the different types and names for salmon gets really confusing. I mean, is there a difference between lox vs smoked salmon? And what about Nova vs gravlax? First thing’s first, the raw salmon you eat in your sushi …

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How do you cut tuna Saku?

While also gaining a new appreciation for fruit, most Westerners will leave Japan with a newfound respect for sushi. American sushi will no longer be that great and you will long for fresh fish that literally dissolves in your mouth. This is the day I will never forget. The day …

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Time to give Alaska’s Pacific cod a blind taste-test against Atlantic cod

For culinary purposes, Pacific cod is indistinguishable from Atlantic cod. However, Atlantic cod, the basis of New England’s first industry, has attained an almost iconic status—the carved wooden “sacred cod” hangs prominently in the Massachusetts State House—whereas the Pacific cod in Alaska has a long history of being considered a …

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