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How to Paint a Room – Basic Painting Tips

Transcript 0:02 Ready for a change? 0:03 A quality paint job is one of the least expensive ways to transform your home and make any room 0:09 look good. 0:10 The first step, and the key step, is prep. 0:13 You need to do this. 0:15 Watch our How to …

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Easy Bathroom Ideas – How To

Transcript 0:01 Now’s a great time to take on smaller projects indoors. 0:05 How about some easy bath updates? 0:07 All in one weekend and not a lot of cash. 0:09 Sounds good right? 0:10 Let’s start with storage. 0:11 Add shelves instead of bulky storage bins or cabinets. 0:14 …

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Space Saving Room Design Ideas

Transcript 0:00 Stuck with a space that’s tough to configure? See what a difference a little ‘design’ 0:04 can make. 0:07 Here’s a look at the challenges and the changes in this typical l-shaped layout. First 0:12 challenge? – function. Arranging a long narrow space can be difficult….this room 0:16 …

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