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How to Make Over Your Living Room: 6 Easy Decorating Tips

Low on funds but want to freshen up your home? Can’t afford an interior designer? Here are cheap and easy DIY decorating tips to transform your living room. In most homes the living room is the first room a guest will enter. It is also the room where guests are …

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What Is Aircon Chemical Wash and How Important Is It

When you use the air conditioner regularly, it may stop providing clean, fresh air to your room. This is due to the accumulation of bacteria, dust and air pollution in its various parts, which will affect its life cycle and performance. To ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner, …

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What are the white stringy things in salmon?

‘ll eat salmon in any form, but I’ll admit it: all of the different types and names for salmon gets really confusing. I mean, is there a difference between lox vs smoked salmon? And what about Nova vs gravlax? First thing’s first, the raw salmon you eat in your sushi …

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